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Natural Carpets at Kingfisher Flooring

Kingfisher Flooring supply and fit natural floor coverings from Fibre Flooring, get in touch if you would like us to get some samples for you.     

A Seagrass Carpet Is Sure To Impress
Earthy, natural golden colours exude from this natural seagrass fibre carpet. The seagrass fibres are hand-picked from coastal meadows in Asia before being woven into carpet. The weaves themselves make a real impact with styles such as basket-weave and Herringbone being really striking.

Sisal is a hard-wearing Natural Carpet
Made From Plant Fibres which have been woven into a wide range of styles and colours that really make it a stand-out carpet. The fabulous weave styles of Sisal carpets make it a real fashion favourite, though it's equally suited to use in new homes or period cottages.Whilst it's extremely stylish, it has a coarser surface than traditional carpet, so depending on your lifestyle it may not be suitable. 

Coir Carpet Made From Indian Coconut
Another beautiful natural carpet is Coir - made from the husk fibres of Indian coconuts which are grown for 12 months, hand-picked then softened in sea-water for 10 months, cleaned then dried before the weaving process can begin.

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"Very pleased with the service. The floor fitters who attended my house were very helpful, efficient and laid the vinyl floor very competitively. I was very pleased with the service and work done."